Reservation / Contact

Please tell us your information in the mail.

1.    Which diving course are you going to join?

(Discover Scuba Diving/ Fun Dive/ OW course…)

2.    Your full name.

3.    Hotel name if you are going to stay somewhere.

4.    Date you want to dive.

5.    What kind of license do you have, and how many dives did you dived?

(Ex: PADI AOW 20dives) If you are joining Discover scuba diving, you don't have to fill this.

6.    Your height, weight, shoes size, eyesight (are you weaning contact   lenses?)

7.    Other information. (If you have your own equipment, tell us what you got and what do you want to rent from us.)

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.