Course Director

I am owner of lidao, from Taiwan.When I was a dive master,I guided at North Coast and trained dive skills in Kenting,Green island, Liouciou etc.I am good at looking for small creatures

Launguage: Chinese, Taiwanese, English and easy Japanese(may be?!)

My Favorite: Micro!


 Assistant Instructor

A troubleshooter from Japan.

In 1997, the sea in New Caledonia impressed me deeply.After my first dive in there, Ive got License in Maldives in2006,Emigrated to Okinawa to learn more Scuba diving. After marriage, I move to Kenting the southern area in Taiwan.  

Language: Japanese Chinese Taiwanese English

 My Favorite:  Drift dive !

SNOW Twin Elder Brother

mix dog of formosa dog &Labrador He is going to sea somotimes

My Favorite: Pretty Girl & Lady

TODOU Twin Brother

Also a mix dog of Fomosan dog & Labrador Usually.He is spoilt doggie but when he goes to the sea 

My Favorite: theswiming&on the Mom 's Knee



Excellent partner staff from Japan He is an extremely accomplished assistant and can best guide anytime He is resident in Japan but he hurried for us no matter when

Launguage: Japanese Chinese English


 Lidaodive kitten team

 May came over with Shinohara.

He is training to tend shop now.

Niu has been dispatched from another diving service.

He is may’s senior shop assistant.

                        Orange came to lidao Christmas 2014




Always smiling partner staff from japan. I had dived in Izu, Japan and Koh Samui, Thailand to teach dive. Hope my smile can relax everybody! I am living in Japan now.